Starpeace - Legacy Project Updates

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Please watch here for updates regarding the Legacy version of Starpeace


  • With this version I managed to compile all core apps and game client. Load a world create a user account login with the client chose visa or create company, build a HQ and Warehouse the last step i got to was research was not loading in the client the work i am doing on SP2 may help with this issue as i starting to understand the invention files and how they relate to the research files for the client

    Progress so far

    . All core application compiled and running with little errors.
    . Internal website working with core apps
    . Client loading world and creating company

    Jobs still to do

    . Fix research and any other issue there for after to get game back to 2003 version
    . Compile GM Server and Client
    . Beta test a world and check load and server resources
    . and every think else I have forgot.

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