prototype homepage and client layout

hi everyone,

i'm gearing up towards working on a new webgl-based client, but took a quick detour to setup a prototype homepage website and simple launchpad into client. please take a look and let us know any first reactions or feedback you may have:

most of the links should lead somewhere, though actual page content and logic is very much placeholder. i'll be filling out more of the demo/client functionality and gameplay interface next, very incrementally, over the next few weeks


  • hi everyone,

    another quick update: i deployed the first half of an initial v0.1 client which you can now see at:

    not incredibly much to get excited about, but does include some new UI workflow logic and the start to an internal structure for client and gameplay logic. i'll post release notes when the second half of features are ready later this weekend, introducing some rendering functionality
  • hi everyone,

    the second half of v0.1 client is now ready at

    basic webgl rendering is now working, though not cross-browser or mobile tested. several different planets are available to explore, all map templates should be usable in future (10-20). map will auto-scroll when mouse placed near borders or can click-and-drag to pan. basic zooming is also available using mousewheel

    i'll capture more detailed release notes in the coming days, before turning focus on next steps: buildings and animations

    please let me know if have any feedback and feel free to share screenshots of any bugs

  • Hey Ross, just had a look, the client is coming along amazingly well, nice one!
  • thanks!

    resizable and draggable menus have prompted a build and client framework migration to webpack/vue templates. i'm also changing up css framework (bulma, away from bootstrap) and tweaking js dependencies to optimize client size and performance

    that change is pieces now, but i'm hoping to have working again by end of this week. i'll then switch back to client features, hopefully introducing initial building animations and rendering, which will wrap up "v0.2". i'll post updated release notes explaining all the changes once ready
  • Nice, I should hopefully by the end of the week have the base of the games admin built, and move world data in and out of the engine, things are going well here, its a little slow as I pickup c# again, but progressing well, I will be testing (hopefully) api talking to engine as well by end of week, its coming well.
  • alright, took a little longer than planned, but v0.2 has been fully released. release notes are now included within client, and i'll try to keep that updated with incremental versions

    lots of new work and fixes to start, especially improvements needed for building rendering, but some progress is being made. thanks!
  • good to see that :)
  • I think its wonderful! Great work!
  • Had a chance to look at it too. Looks awesome.
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