edited January 17 in Player Code of Conduct
Muling by using a second account to give an unfair advantage to another account whether the benefited account is owned by the same player or another player is not allowed.

Examples of this include but are not limited to the following:

1. Using an account to buy products at an inflated price and then resell finished products back to the first account at a discounted price.

2. Using an account to sell items at a price or quality to ensure increased sales to a second account. This includes using a second account to do this same practice but in reverse to harm players in other towns while maintaining price and quality in the account holder's main town.

3. Using an account to build build an excess of items such as warehouses to accelerate the growth of a town. This includes borrowing money with an account, building and leveling warehouses causing the account to bust due to lack of income while the main account benefits through improved residential income and commercial sales.

4. Using an account in any manner of the above but in a combination of the above to give a false impression of a legit use of a second income, such as the use of a second account to borrow excessive money from a bank to build and level warehouses while also using the same account to build commercial stores in towns that have pricing/quality set to harm the players of those towns.

Please note that the StarPeace administration agrees that the use of multiple accounts is a matter of controversy.
All accounts should have the ability to be played independently of another account without undue risk of an account going into bankruptcy.

If there is a noted situation of misuse of multiple accounts, a warning will be issued to the player or players involved. If the misuse is corroborated and deemed to be muling, then the player or players may be banned from the game.

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