Project Update - January 2019

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Hi All,

By now most will know that the Starpeace Project is now continuing the Starpeace Online Legacy.

Breosa has passed the version to us and it will remain the flagship game version until the new version is ready for player consumption.

We do also have Starpeace 2 in our stocks and once we have enough subscribing players to fund a server for it, we will resurrect it as promised to Puggy.

One subscription to the Starpeace Project will cover access to all running versions held by the Starpeace Project and will be a single sign on affair, so your accounts will live across all versions of the game, the exception to this may be the new version, but we will endeavour to keep that promise, either way, one subscription will cover access to all games.

I (dodgerid) am currently learning as many areas of SPO as I can to ensure we maintain the version well, we are actively developing the main Directory Server to bring the code base up to date and storage methods too.

Please note that Map requests can be made to either RWampler, Tigger, Notrevo, Loophole or myself dodgerid and if public opinion carries we will change maps on server resets. It's no fun if everything is always the same and while we are not yet in a position to alter the model code to fix some of the long lingered problems, changing Maps is something that we can do.

A BIG thank you to all who have started and restarted a subscription with SPO since the take over, we are quickly approaching enough subscribers to launch a second server which will initially be a test server and then the Starpeace 2 server. It will initially be a test server as we move towards player held worlds within the system.

Please note that the subscriptions are not to gain profit and as funding allows, subscriptions will be used for further software licenses and servers to run more worlds. We may also use some of the funds to have new building designs made once we know how to introduce them, we are well aware of the wish for greenhouses for example, and magna farms.

Thanks to all supporting the project and we truly hope you enjoy the game as much as we do, it's wonderful that the project continues to move forwards, and part of the point of the project is to ensure the life of Starpeace into the very distant future.

Also, I would like to take thank the project leadership team, Loophole, RWampler, Notrevo and Tigger for their continuing help, support, and full on efforts for a better Starpeace life, especially RWampler who is absolutely pulling out the stops to develop the next generation client.

Live long and spend loads

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