Subscription Payments

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Hi All,

Just wanted to pop in and update you on the changes to subscriptions.

We have moved subscription payments to a new site

This is so we could have a secure site taking the payments and so that I could work with PHP in that area as it is far more suited to the modern internet than classic asp and vbscript.

This means that we now have automated subscriptions, so anyone subscribing gains instant access and subscription data is automatically updated for existing players, so no more waiting after your subscription payment has gone through, for it to be manually updated.

However it does mean that anyone currently subscribing should cancel their current subscription, wait until your access expires and then re-subscribe, that will put you on the automated system from that point.

I have also done this because of calls for discounted subscriptions, it will always remain our intention to lower subscriptions and I have introduced a few period based discounts with savings of up to 29%! Hopefully this helps a little.

Payments are still taken by Paypal and they do accept credit cards if required.

Cheers for now,

dodgerid and the Team.

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