Project Team

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Hi All,

I thought it might be a good idea to detail the project team so that you are aware of who does what in the Starpeace World, in that way you can contact the right person regarding something if needed.

Project Leader - Ron Appleton aka dodgerid

Server/Delphi Team - Nick Kearns aka Loophole and Daniel Eder aka danieleder

Web Client Team - Ross Wampler aka rwampler

GM Team Suzanne Monday aka Tigger and Bill Overton aka Notrevo

Game and Main Websites - Ron Appleton aka dodgerid and Andy Mabon aka HoneyBodger

Graphic Design - Tony Sheldon aka Smiler Zesto Design

We are always looking for help in all areas, and If I have missed your name off please send me a punch and I will fix lol


  • Always looking for people to help in the areas mentioned above but beyond that I would like to find someone that could manage social media and also someone to help with documentation as it would be advantageous for the open-source ness of the project if we could put together all the information to build and run the game from the ground up, world settings that can be used and that sort of thing. If you are interested in this please feel free to send me a pm here or in discord or email me if you have my email address.


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