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Hi, i am going to add meeting times and dates as they are given here, so please check this discussion regularly and enable notifications.

Meetings will be held in the group chat rooms which can be found on the chat bar at the bottom to the right (pink and blue speech bubbles)

Meetings will be held in the meeting room.


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    Minutes from April 8 Player Meeting

    Attending: Jahc, loophole, Mc2M, Notrevo, Royall, Rstlne30, Shooter, Tigger, Szkura

    1. Forum
    Encourage players to register and join. Initial chat is down as was a free trial through arrow chat. Donations are currently being accepted to obtain a program to get the chat up and running. Please refer to the chat discussion and donation areas on the forum.

    2. Responses from Breosa concerning player requests/discussions for SPO
    A. Players requesting paid planets be reset on a scheduled basis every 4-6 months.
    "Paid resets have historically been done by player vote. I'm not adverse to a schedule but if it moves to a
    schedule I'm doing ad hoc as well."

    B. Players requesting planet setting changes including possibly having a planet with 1% IFEL taxes, changing
    builds including factories, stores, civics to where they could level to 200.
    " I don't know that level 200 buildings will work or can be set in this version.
    Past changes have been around civics and commerce. I'd need to check"

    C. Players requesting the return of some of the older planets/maps/tourney and pvt planet
    "The maps we use are the ones we know today. While I have other maps
    they don't contain town overlays so the maps end up a little weird"

    3. Recent connection issues
    To address the connection issues Breosa requests that players respect a 5 space no build or zone on the maps of all planets.

    4. Open Cities
    A discussion involving several players occurred. During the discussion players agreed that all cities should have open commerce areas along with players having a respect for each other. Several players voiced that mayors should only provide general zoning in their town and only give 'general suggestions' as to pricing and quality of stores in their towns. That it is up to the players as to whether they adhere to the 'suggestion' or not. That the mayors should not change the zoning on a store of a player who does not adhere to the 'suggestion'. One player felt that the economics of the game were broken and requested that programmers look into 'fixing' the game store pricing and quality features.
    As this discussion is associated with such strong player feelings, a discussion line was started on the forum where players can post their views concerning this matter.

    5. Next meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 23 at 1 pm CST. If the chat is running on the forum the meeting will be held there. But if its still down we will plan on meeting in the general chat are of zorcon again.
    Please send suggested topics for discussion to Tigger via forum mail.

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    Minutes from Player Meeting Sunday April 23 at 1 pm CST

    Location: general chat of zorcon as the forum chat is still offline
    Attending: Lord Kaio, Mc2m, minascar2, rickfuh, notrevo, Jahc, Tigger

    1. Forum Updates
    Chat status

    2. Clarify the Starpeace games: Starpeace Online, Starpeace 2, and Starpeace Legacy
    A. Starpeace Online (SPO)-current online game version of starpeace. Closely resembles the original game.
    Breosa is curator.
    B. Starpeace 2-second online version of Startpeace with former curator Puggy. Updated version of Starpeace
    with a number of builds not available on the SPO version. Currently the team of the Starpeace Project
    are working on restoring this version of the game for play with the goal of making it community driven.
    C. Starpeace Legacy (Project) - Project headed by dodgerid, loophole, notrevo, and Tony who are working towards setting up a version of Starpeace that is community driven. One of the project's goals is to bring the whole Starpeace community (SPO and SP2) into one area (the forum, player meetings) for discussion, help, learning, and most importantly, discussing the situation the game is at and working on solutions with the community to ensure the majority of players are happy with the direction that the game is going and that everyone can see active development. The Project also currently maintains the facebook page for Starpeace.

    Dodgerid has given an excellent history of the Starpeace game on the forum.

    3. Reset schedule for paid planets on SPO
    This discussion was deferred as it was felt that too few subscribed players were in present. Will be place on the agenda for the next meeting.

    4. Open Cities Discussion Part 2
    A history of the prior discussion concerning open cities was given to the players present. But they felt that they had too little information to make any comments at this time. Players did agree that a Player Code of Conduct was a good idea. As players did not have any suggestions concerning the formation of one, a discussion line will be started on the forum concerning and it will be put on the agenda for the next player meeting. Players also felt the previous idea of using the forum to allow zorcon mayors to make a town newspaper was also a good idea and should be tried. This will also be placed on the agenda for the next player meeting.

    5. Player general comments/discussion
    With the upcoming reset of zorcon, remind all of the 5 space map edge clear zone requsted by Breosa for ALL
    SPO maps

    6. Next meeting is scheduled for Saturday May 6 at 1 pm central standard time on the forum if the chat is running or on zorcon if it is not available.

    Please send agenda topic suggestions to Tigger via forum mail
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    Minutes for Player Meeting Saturday May 6 at 1 pm

    location: zorcon as forum chat is remains offline
    attending: Queen of Evil, Arkhangel, Pedioco, Minascar2, Jahc, Rstlne30, Tigger

    1. Forum and game status updates
    Chat status-donations still needed for program required to get forum chat running. We currently have 90/129 dollars. Please see donations section of forum for more information concerning this matter.

    2. Remind players of Breosa's request for 5 space clear map edges on all SPO maps. This request includes all roads, zoning, and builds.
    Players suggested placing this request within the Player Code of Conduct

    3. Player Code of Conduct
    Players agreed that the Code of Conduct was a desired project. One player suggested making the points within subject to player/administer enforcement.

    4. Zorcon Newspapers
    Rstlne30 agreed to work on a rough draft for the planet newspapers starting with Willow. Within would be included the general manner of play that the investors of the planet were currently engaged in so that newer players to the planet would be able to expect. Such as aggressive vs nonaggressive type of play. Closed vs open cities, etc.

    5. Player general comments/discussion
    As all present players agreed that Willow was an abandoned planet and at least one player was requesting a planet with more aggressive manner of play, it was again suggested to request that Breosa reset Willow. Players requested that the reset request include to have Breosa modify the IFEL commerce compete settings, allow level 200 civics, and to reset the IFEL taxes to 1%. The goal of the settings would encourage a more competitive planet enviroment for players.


    Please send agenda topic suggestions to Tigger via forum mail
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    Agenda for Player Meeting Scheduled for Saturday Sept 16 at 10 am CST


    1. Forum and game status updates
    2. Player Code of Conduct
    3. Remind players of Breosa's 5 space clear zone on all SPO maps
    4. Player general comments/discussion

    Please send agenda topic suggestions to Tigger via forum mail

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    We are currently taking suggestions as to the scheduling of our next player meeting along with its location. It has been suggested to have the meeting located on Zorcon so that more players could attend. Please message Tigger through discord as to your meeting date, time, and location preference so that I can work on getting one scheduled.

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