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    Currently, the main issue that I have been running into concerns the headquarters and the software support. About a year ago, Jurachan had a lvl 10 pgi mostly built up with farms, pf and clothing line of indy. When the headquarter was lvl 10 the factories would not produce at max with headquarter showing short on software support even though we had more than enough available for it. The max number the headquarter would take was 1,680,000. I wrote the number down for reference purposes.
    Just recently Jurachan was doing another pgi headquarter that mostly again had farms and pf on it. This time he was at a lvl 9 on it when it again reached software support of 1,680,000 when the same thing as before mentioned occurred. This time, he was able to lvl the headquarter up to 11 but the amount of software support that it would accept stayed at 1,680,000. This time we tried changing the software research, but again the 1,680,000 number would not change.
    So far, I have not noticed this issue with the law support but suspect there is a similar issue. I have only seen the issue with the pgi headquarter, but again assume that it is also on the other headquarters.
    In addition to the above, while trying to trouble shoot the situation. I noted that some of the factories seemed to have had a max amount of software that they would accept. At the time I also had a lvl 10 pgi headquarter with the 1,680,000 software support that I was using to compare to Jurachan's. I was trying to look into that angle of the situation when Jurachan transcended. Thus, I do not know if the situation is at the factory level, headquarter level, or both.
    Another issue I noted on my seemingly max headquarter was with the offices and farms that I had on them. Neither of them showed listings for headquarter support. I do not know if they do not need, require or are contributing to the situation.
    I would appreciate it if you could look into this matter as it is a limitation of the headquarter. With so many players knowing how to build larger cities, this situation causes a real issue. I feel it should either be addressed in some manner or have the limitation posted so others can be aware of.
    Btw....some players feel that the double HQ lvl is a glitch and some do not. If you are looking into this situation, you might also address that one.

    Thank you
  • Nice one Tigger, I am talking here without diving into the code as I am learning Pascal now, Nick may be better to comment on this but i would expect the support services figures to be manipulable and a pretty easy fix when we can dive into the code and find it. I for one would like to see larger maps so I am very sure that its a fix that needs doing, many players have played the game for many years and really want to test the population bounds.

    We do not have any control over this for Starpeace Online as that is Breosa's realm. I will however ask him via email to take a look at this post in the forum, and if he can, look at the problem, he may even be able to pass on to Nick where we need to fix it before launching new version.
  • Thank you as this fix would be much appreciated.
  • There is indeed a maximum support that an HQ can provide for Advertising, Law, and Computer Services. The maximum is dictated by the maximum HQ level and a preset value. Apparently once its done its calculation this comes out at 1.68Million for computer services. I suspect the same for Law. Advertising is a whole lot higher though but there is a limit there as well. Given the maximum appears to be by max HQ level not current HQ level, once the limit is reached it doesn't matter how many times you upgrade the HQ it can still only provide that level of computer services or law or indeed advertising.

    Farms do not appear to use computer services from what I can tell. Factories are the big user. If you load a particular HQ with factories, you are likely to hit the limit sooner than load balancing out your industries.

    Not sure what happens if the limit is changed. I suspect it was never expected to be hit in the first place.
  • Stumbling over the code I found an app that looks at info and can test the changes I think, if I get chance ill show a screen shot
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    Interesting app you found loop
  • Here is another headquarter issue that I am just running across. For the first time that I can remember, I am able to level my research center. I currently have it at a level 9 and could level it further at this time. But in leveling it I have noted several things.
    1. It does not increase in size, height like the other HQs. Whereas this is disappointing as I was wanting to see, it is not a huge deal.
    2. It does not employ more workers as it levels. Thus, at lvl 9 it employees the same 4 exc 2 professionals and 1 worker that it did at lvl 1. Makes for a cheap HQ to maintain, but does not seem to improve the overall company support which is what I feel is allowing me to continue to level it without limits. The overall company support seems to remain at 87% overall. The first time I leveled it I put on 4 levels. The second time I put on another 4 levels and could have gone further if I had wished to do so. I'm thinking of leveling it fully just to say that I maxed out a research center, but why?????? It does not seem to be harming my studios, housing or sellers by not leveling it.
  • My next issue is about town/planet populations and magna housing. There has been an ongoing debate about if magna housing, ie hives or other LC magna, with rent prices less than 100% causes an issue with population growths in other towns with higher magna pricing of say 100%. Some say that there is an issue in the overall game mechanics/calculations which prevents LC from coming to smaller towns that have the higher magna pricing, others say the difficulty that players may have in getting LC to come to their town is due to the desire on the housing itself, other town issues such as wages, ue, commerce index and is thus not a bug/glitch but a player choice issue.
    Thus, I would request that as the programers learn more of the actual game mechanics/calculations that they also look into this issue.
    If anyone would like to make any comments concerning the magna pricing, I will be starting a discussion line so that the current line will remain just for noted bugs/glitches and not get cluttered.
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