General Game Rules

1. Due to the mechanics of the game, a 5 space clear zone free of any type of buildings, roads, and zoning is requested. This includes "road tags" for ALL players on ALL planets. When noted, a player will be requested to correct the offending item immediately. If a player fails to correct the requested item or is a repeat offender, they may be subject to game banning.
2. A player having their commerce prices or product quality set to a level that causes harm to a planet will be issued a warning. The player may be subject to game banning if they fail to correct their pricing/quality or are repeat offenders.
3. Due to game mechanics the use of mayor, minister, or presidential housing should be reserved for use in the event of player/town/planet crisis. Player housing is encouraged.
4. Please remember this is a game. StarPeace has undergone a number of changes over the years and is in the process of undergoing more. Players have different styles and preferences of play and should remember that not everyone may prefer their manner or style of play. The StarPeace team are currently hard at work setting up new planets with various different settings so that hopefully everyone can find a planet that plays to their liking. Thus, if you are on a planet that is being played by the majority in a manner that you do not agree with, it is encouraged that you simply find another planet that is more your style. If you are unable to find a plant that suits you, please speak with a GM or project leader of your preferences so that you might be directed to a planet that closely fits your style or if enough players are interested in your style, a new planet could be brough to life.
5. Zorcon is a free to play, introduction planet to new players. It is intended for new players to play on for 30 days to learn the game free of the aggressive play of more advanced players and to introduce them to the game of StarPeace. Advanced players are encouraged to visit Zorcon to help teach and answer any questions that the new players may have. But advanced play is requested to remain on the paid planets.


    1. Political officials must adhere to ethical and moral practise where sense is required, for example using a presidential account to zone commercial zones for there private account to use is without a doubt abuse.
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