Current Donations $229

Current Target (Comet Chat) $125

Goal Achieved - Purchased Arrowchat

Current Donation Balance $104

Doge - Many Thanks

Notrevo - Many Thanks

Loophole - Many Thanks

Notrevo - Many Thanks

Tigger - Many Thanks

Chat Goal Acheived

Great news everyone, donations have reached the target for Arrowchat, and I have just purchased it.

I am now working on its implementation, many ,many thanks to all the contributed towards this community goal.

Hi and thank you for coming to the donations page.

I have created this page as it is a popular demand, as we develop a newer version of Starpeace, we do get associated costs, marketing, graphic design, software development.

At the second we are taking donations towards, proper chat software for this forum. The currently installed chat is ArrowChat, which is working and doing what we need to an extent, however it is not php 7 compatible and does not have translation for foreign language speakers.

The alternative is CometChat, however it is more expensive, but includes real-time translation, which means we can all understand each other immediately and help each other better.

The basic version of ArrowChat is $49 Website

The basic version of CometChat is $129 Website

I have created a discussion called Chat Software, please feel free to discuss the points surrounding the chat software, as this is a community game and a community forum so do have your say.

Many thanks in advance for any donations.