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  • Thats a good point
  • Looks Good.
  • * Political officials must adhere to ethical and moral practise where sense is required, for example using a presidential account to zone commercial zones for there private account to use is without a doubt abuse.
  • Nice, I should hopefully by the end of the week have the base of the games admin built, and move world data in and out of the engine, things are going well here, its a little slow as I pickup c# again, but progressing well, I will be testing (hopefu…
  • Hey Ross, just had a look, the client is coming along amazingly well, nice one!
  • Welcome mate
  • Worth noting also that I will be changing the forums web address to a more user friendly one, the one I have settled on for the forum is I felt that would be more fitting for our community forum as we do cover all game versions.
  • Always for the community Zutaty, always
  • I have always wanted to do a rebuild, but now feel like its a necessity, and I myself can contribute much more as php is my native language.
  • I have a found a couple samples of that, will direct you to them mate. But lucky you said that lol
  • Nice one Tigger, I am talking here without diving into the code as I am learning Pascal now, Nick may be better to comment on this but i would expect the support services figures to be manipulable and a pretty easy fix when we can dive into the code…
  • איך האב Created דעם פּאָסטן אַזוי אַז די איבערזעצונג שטריך פֿאַר די פאָרום קענען זיין טעסטעד דורך מענטשן, דעם שפּראַך איז דאָך ייִדיש.
  • Eu criei este post para que o recurso de tradução para o fórum possa ser testado por pessoas, este idioma é obviamente português.
  • He creado este post para que la función de traducción del foro pueda ser probada por personas, este idioma es obviamente español.
  • Ek het hierdie post geskep sodat die vertaling funksie vir die forum kan getoets word deur mense, hierdie taal is natuurlik Afrikaans.
  • Ich habe diesen Beitrag erstellt, damit das Übersetzungsmerkmal für das Forum von Leuten getestet werden kann. Diese Sprache ist offensichtlich deutsch.
  • 私はフォーラムの翻訳機能を人々がテストできるようにこの投稿を作成しました。この言語は明らかに日本語です。